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How to Alleviate Daily Aches and Pains

How to Alleviate Daily Aches and Pains

Sue Hitzmann is the creator of the MELT Method®, a simple self-treatment technique designed to help people get out (and stay out) of chronic pain. She is a nationally recognized educator, manual therapist, exercise physiologist, and founding member of the Fascia Research Society.

Sue’s interest in neuromuscular and manual therapies began in her twenties with a quest to find a resolution to her own debilitating pain. When top doctors and physical therapists couldn’t explain what was going on in her body, she found solutions in hands-on bodywork—specifically bodywork that focuses on hydrating the body’s connective tissue, or fascia.

When we don’t pay attention to this key system, she says, pain and injury emerge.

“Whether you’re practicing a golf swing over and over or just sitting at a desk all day, repetition slowly causes connective tissue dehydration, or what I call stuck stress,” explains Hitzmann in this short video introducing the MELT Method.

Using foam rollers and rubber balls designed to provide gentle compression, MELT is more self-massage than exercise.

Looking for a practice to help alleviate the aches and pains from your daily activities? The MELT Method may be just what you’re after. Whether you lead an athletic or slower paced lifestyle, MELT is beloved by people of all ages and body types for addressing joint pain and vastly improving mobility.

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