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What I Learned at a Not Creepy Speed Dating Event

The Not Creepy Gathering (NCG) takes the speed-dating premise, but sees it through a more poetic and artistic lens. The evening engages participants in stream-of-consciousness writing exercises and gives prompt questions presented as topics for small groups (which gradually become whispered stories one-on-one).

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What Is Old? (A Perspective)

I believe that an affirmative approach to not just getting older but growing older takes into account that new parts of us are always clamoring for airtime, and the soul and spirit don’t “retire” even if your career does.

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3 Keys to Better Conversations

Some conversations flow beautifully like a fresh-water river, while others feel more like a stagnant pond. And while it is tempting to blame the difference between these types of conversations on other people, the truth is, YOU have the power to change the culture of every conversation.

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Unconditional Love: Is That Really a Good Idea?

How do we be our most integrous selves, while not gilding over the more prickly aspects of who we are? How do we hold ourselves and our loved ones accountable for their actions, deeds and words? How do we not fake perfection in the hopes of fooling someone into loving us?

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What I Learned From Falling Into the Creek

Imagine how it feels to be born. One moment you're nice and cozy, in a space that feels safe, secure, and comfortable. Then you're jarred from womb to world. I have a feeling that being born takes zero thought. Sure, Mama is thinking (and yelling), but for Baby? There is no thought, only the sweet slip-and-slide into the roaring circle of life.

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Your Passion: It's As Close As the End of Your Nose

When we do something that we are passionate about, we are vastly more likely to be present in its doing. A lot of people get hung up on the idea: "I don't know what my passion is, so I can't do all these wonderful things that everybody else is doing." You can.

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