Hear internationally renowned scholar and author B. Alan Wallace, PhD, speak on cultivating exceptional levels of mental health and well-being.

An innovative thinker and practitioner of Buddhism since 1970, Dr. Wallace’s expertise lies in the integration of Buddhist contemplative practice with Western science to advance our understanding of the mind.

In these recordings, you will experience a multifaceted course deeply rooted in Buddhist theory and practice. You will gain powerful perspectives and skills for creating meaningful aspirations; develop an inner sense of ease, stillness, and clarity; and enhance your emotional intelligence, maturity, and resilience.

Through a combination of enlightening lectures and teachings, a variety of meditation practices, reflection, and group discussions, you will learn:

  • How to cultivate the four kinds of mental balance: conative, attentional, cognitive, and emotional
  • Meditative practices for balance, clarity, and inspiration
  • Wisdom from multiple traditions and sages, including Socrates, Thomas Aquinas, and William James.

Dr. Wallace, ordained as a Tibetan Buddhist monk by the Dalai Lama, is one of the most prolific writers and translators of Tibetan Buddhism in the West and brings deep experience and applied skills to his teaching.

Through an integrated combination of theory and meditative practices, you will develop a conceptual understanding of timeless wisdom, as well as your own new, experiential insight.

  1. 1. Hedonia vs Eudaimonia
  2. 2. Attention: Tending To
  3. 3. Setting the Mind at Ease
  4. 4. Mindfulness of Breathing: Asanga and the Burmese Technique
  5. 5. Mindfulness of Breathing: Theravada Buddhism
  6. 6. Mindfulness of Breathing: Dzogchen
  7. 7. Review
  8. 8. Observing the Mind
  9. 9. The Plasticity of Mental Awareness
  10. 10. The Object of Mindfulness
  11. 11. Contemplative Strip Tease
  12. 12. Awareness of Awareness
  13. 13. Conative Intelligence