About Us

1440 Multiversity is a new school in Santa Cruz County, California that offers teachable skills for better living. It’s a place where you can choose your path to a better life—on purpose, with practice.

Multidimensional Learning

Traditional education trains us intellectually, to which we add programs in social, emotional, relational, and spiritual learning—those dimensions that make up the rest of our being.

Esteemed Faculty

The hundreds of acclaimed faculty who teach here represent a wide range of expertise and traditions, delivering evidence-based curriculum from many diverse perspectives.

Immersion Learning

Our weekend and weeklong workshops take place in an immersive, peaceful, and natural setting in the redwoods of Scotts Valley, California.

We believe that…

We all have a desire to live a better life, a longing to connect more deeply to ourselves and to others. We believe that these connections are what give purpose and fulfillment to our journeys.

The key to forging these connections is the capacity to build life skills for being in strong relationships. As with anything else, the ability to foster meaningful relationships can be learned and developed, improved and shared—on purpose, with practice.

Only you can define the starting point for your path. Our intention at 1440 Multiversity is to provide a special setting and to offer invitations to programs that meet you where you are—a wide variety of courses chosen by you, for your intentions, for your life.

Community and Connection

As unique as our individual journeys are, the settings in which we practice can offer valuable support along the way. 1440 Multiversity is more than a campus. It is a place to set aside daily urgencies, reflect in nature, and connect in new ways with new understandings. This larger aspiration is at the heart of our invitation to you—to come to a like-minded community in a place that has been thoughtfully designed with love and encouragement, and to connect to the best of what lies within each of us.

The Origin of 1440 Multiversity

scott-joanie-kriensScott Kriens, the Chairman and former CEO of Juniper Networks, and his wife, Joanie Kriens, started the 1440 Foundation in 2010 to cultivate the belief that learning to be in rich, meaningful, and authentic relationships is a teachable life skill, as important as anything we might ever learn. The name of the 1440 Foundation comes from Joanie. While spending time in her garden one morning, fully present and struck by the beauty of that moment, she thought of the gift we are all given—1440 minutes in each day to live more mindful, connected, and compassionate lives.

In its early years, 1440 Foundation was entirely focused on philanthropic grant-making to support its mission to serve champions committed to helping us grow in relationship, spirit, and wellness. This resulted in discovering many wonderful teachers and organizations whose passions and practices long precede 1440’s emergence in the world and whose work has proven its value in improving tens of thousands of lives in countless ways. It is the success and the impact of these champions that inspires the continuing expansion of our commitment to the development of stronger relationship practices in the world.

The creation of 1440 Multiversity stems from a desire to have a space where people can come together in community with one another—a place to better serve both champions and fellow practitioners in learning for better living.

“It is our intention that the 1440 Multiversity will serve as an invitation to a personal and immersive experiential learning opportunity to connect us with the best of who we are, as each of us define that for ourselves. We believe that we all have a unique and important story to share, a deep desire to connect with purpose and meaning in our lives, both personally and professionally. It is our shared hope at 1440 to serve learners and leaders—champions as we call them—whose work helps all of us further discover our best selves.”

— Scott and Joanie